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Using the name KIMB-technologies.eu I develop different Webapplications using PHP, JavaScript, CSS etc. I publish them as OpenSourceSoftware under the terms of the GPLv3.

It's my Hobby without any commercial background.


    • Easy to use and lightweight ContentManagementSystem providing all important features.
    • GPLv3
  • KIMB-Downloader
    • Distribute sourcecode, programs and other files over the internet.
    • GPLv3
    • A small and speedfull Webanalytics tool (KIMB-EasyAnalytics).
    • GPLv3
  • ... and some more

Some programs are translated into English, but often the backend for administrating tasks is only available in German.



Updates and up to date software are one of the most important colums in internet security. Therefore all my projects are developed using the latest state technology and will be updated promtly.

By using current cryptographic schemes I take care to secure the data transmisson and data storage.

It is important for me to have a multi-layered secutity structur for all safety-relevant areas. So I can make sure that everything stays safe even if an error occurs.

The KIMB-CMS and KIMB-Downloader had been adopted to PHP 7 just some days after PHP 7 had been released! All other Projects (KIMB-EA, KIMB-Notes & KIMB-Mailer) are straightforward developed using PHP 7 (min. PHP 5.5.0 necessary).


More informations to each project can be found in the menue below KIMB Projects.

You can have a look at the development at GitHub or Bitbucket.

All Downloads are available in the KIMB-technologies.eu Downloader

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